August 2019 Film Festival Award Winners


Jared Milrad, Founder and President

A Show For A Change, Inc.




Long Beach, CA – September 9, 2019A Show For A Change today announced several winners for its monthly global film festival, celebrating social impact films from around the world. The awarded films include projects from around the world and were created by numerous celebrated filmmakers.

“As we prepare to launch Movikarma, our impact streaming platform, we’re proud to recognize these powerful films that advance the important causes of our time,” said Jared Milrad, founder and president of A Show For A Change. “Our festival continues to attract a strong diversity of socially conscious films from around the world. This month’s awarded films address timely causes, including health and wellness, poverty, and conservation.”

This month’s winners include:

  • Social Impact Award: REBBL With A Cause. Directed by Renee Fuller. Can one beverage really make a world of difference? REBBL is boldly reimagining business as usual to fight human trafficking and climate change, and they share this story in a short-film, REBBL with a Cause, narrated by actor and activist Ruby Rose. The piece traces the global supply chain of a single ingredient—the mighty brazil nut—to exemplify the potential businesses have for truly revitalizing communities and the world through ethical, impact sourcing. Through its super herb powered elixirs, REBBL demonstrates what it means to use business as a force for good, which is vital now more than ever in this time of political uncertainty, social injustice, and global crisis. REBBL with a Cause paves a new avenue of hope as we collectively build a brighter, more sustainable and regenerative future together. Watch the trailer here.

  • Social Impact Award: TwentyThirty. Directed by Witja Frank, Michael Kleiman, Andrew James Benson. A web-series showcasing the work and ideas of people who are leading for change according to the UN 2030 Agenda. These are people fighting passionately and persistently for a better world – as individuals and as a community. We call them Responsible Leaders! TwentyThirty shares these people’s stories.

  • Creativity Award: The Passport. Directed by Hanieh Bavali. The Iranian currency has been steadily losing its value against the dollar. For this reason, the past year was a terrible period of time in economic terms. Most of Iranian young people are trying to leave Iran so they apply for asylum to other countries. They prefer the pain of homelessness instead of staying in Iran. This film is their voice. Watch the trailer here.

  • Storytelling Award: The Rhino Cup. Directed by Myles Pizzey. Filmed in South Africa and Mozambique, this documentary about rhino poaching and football explains the current severity of poaching in Africa but also follows a unique way of tackling the problem. Through football, communities and villagers in Mozambique are being uplifted. The Rhino Cup has been created, giving the younger generation something to engage in, improving community spirit, creating jobs and building new infrastructure. People are choosing football over poaching. The ultimate goal - to stop poaching through football, before it’s too late.

  • Cinematography Award: Be-Longing. Directed by Mike McKenzie. Belonging is the story of a young boy aged 9 years old who has been placed in care and is living in a foster home. Removed from violent and chaotic birth parents after a series of family breakdowns, he is torn between accepting the trust, kindness, and security of his foster family and remaining 'loyal' to his birth parents who he still loves dearly. Self-destruction, despair, anger, betrayal, hope, and salvation are all themes within this film. The struggle to regain the childhood of this young man who has not yet experienced the innocence of youth is, unfortunately not uncommon for many of today's youth placed in care or living in broken homes. Belonging shows this boy's journey from his very first day 'in care' and charts his progress along the way. Watch the trailer here.

"REBBL With A Cause demonstrates what it means to use business as a force for good: how we can actually help improve lives, protect the planet, and change the world with one product. In this time of political and social uncertainty, people are searching for ways to create a brighter, safer, more sustainable future. This film shows the impact one brand can make with one product. Imagine if all the businesses started doing this, we could change the world and save our future generations!" - Rusti Porter, SVP Marketing at REBBL

"My self and the team are super excited to win this award, as for my motivation for making the film Be-Longing, the reason is in the title of the festival and am really hoping that people remember that a child is at the center of all the planning when supporting a Child in Care," - Mike McKenzie, Director of Be-Longing

“This is an honor to be one of the winners and amazing experience for a newbie filmmaker like me. Thank you so much!” - Hanieh Bavali, Director of The Passport

Founded by Jared Milrad - a filmmaker, advocate, and entrepreneur who has worked for President Barack Obama and advocated for numerous causes - A Show For A Change Film Festival raises up our planet's most compelling stories and inspiring voices. The film festival’s goal is to build a world filled with greater empathy and shared prosperity.

A Show For A Change invites filmmakers who share a passion for changing the world through the power of storytelling to submit to our monthly film festival. We seek diverse, engaging stories that address societal, environmental, and cultural issues. To apply for our next film festival, filmmakers can submit their projects by September 29, 2019 using this link:


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