A Show For A Change Begins Fundraising on SeedInvest and Preps for Launch of Movikarma



Los Angeles, CA - September 4, 2019 – A SHOW FOR A CHANGE, an impact entertainment company committed to the distribution of engaging cause and mission driven content paired with charitable giving, announced today its initial public fundraising campaign on SeedInvest, a leading equity crowd-funding platform. SeedInvest is offering both accredited and non-accredited investors the unique opportunity to become an early equity holder/partial owner in A SHOW FOR A CHANGE. 

A SHOW FOR A CHANGE is a proud Public Benefits Corporation or B-Corp and is preparing to launch its own proprietary streaming distribution platform called MOVIKARMA, which will be subscription based and advertiser supported.  MOVIKARMA helps transform entertainment into action by empowering audiences to support charities and filmmakers connected to the content they’ve just watched on the platform. 

The emergence and ubiquity of social media channels have fundamentally changed how individuals identify and act on opportunities for charitable and cause-driven giving. Online giving continues to rise each year, and in 2018, Facebook users raised over $300M for over 750,000 nonprofits in one year alone. MOVIKARMA blends social-based giving and cause-driven content together in a compelling and immediately actionable new way to the benefit of viewers, content creators, charities, allied brands and others. 

A SHOW FOR A CHANGE has assembled a diverse leadership team that brings executive experience from leading Fortune 500 companies including Disney, Sony, MGM, Warner Bros, SAP, AT&T, Paramount, Westfield, T-Mobile, Goldman Sachs, and GE, among others. Company founder Jared Milrad brings his own diverse entrepreneurial background from a post in the Obama White House to years of nonprofit advocacy as well as being an independent filmmaker.

The company is building a diverse global library of cause and mission driven narrative content that includes an Oscar nominated film as well as projects recognized at the Cannes Film Festival and other global festivals including A SHOW FOR A CHANGE’s own film festival that has attracted 265+ submissions from 27 countries. Content will be created and curated by compelling social issues and causes and other factors enabling opportunities for mission-aligned brands, influencers, non-profits and charities on each project. 

“At a time when the world needs new and diverse voices to get involved, we’re thrilled to be working with SeedInvest on our mission to transform entertainment into action,” said Founder and President Jared Milrad. “We are so excited to welcome aboard existing SeedInvest investors and give our own community the chance to invest in our future growth. Most of all, this is an opportunity for everyone to support and grow socially conscious narratives around the world."

A SHOW FOR A CHANGE’s financing round on SeedInvest offers investors and the entertainment and tech community at-large an early look at MOVIKARMA and the initial opportunity to support its global growth.

You can learn more here.

About SeedInvest

SeedInvest is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that provides individual investors with access to pre-vetted startup investment opportunities. SeedInvest has funded over 200 startups and boasts a rapidly growing network of over 250,000 investors. SeedInvest has had over 15,000 startups apply to raise capital since inception and has only accepted 1% of those companies to feature on their platform. Learn more about SeedInvest here.


A SHOW FOR A CHANGE is an impact entertainment company committed to changing the world through the power of story. With 265+ global submissions from 27 countries to its monthly online film festival, A SHOW FOR A CHANGE has lauded some of the most creative, groundbreaking, and inspiring stories highlighting social and environmental issues and causes. The company’s mission is to celebrate engaging narrative content -- both fiction and non-fiction and film or episodic through the art of storytelling as well as advocate for enduring social change and showcase urgent causes including human rights, animal rights, the environment and many others. 

Created by A Show For A Change, Movikarma is the first impact streaming platform that transforms entertainment into action. Coming soon to Android, iOS, and the web, Movikarma simply enables everyone to have or make an impact through the power of story.

For more information, please visit us on the web at A Show For A Change and Movikarma

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Jared Milrad

Founder and President