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WRitten and DiRECTED By Jared MIlrad

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On her thirteenth birthday, Gabriela Morales is given a magical heirloom that could change her family’s future.

Starring Amaya Guerrero, Hugo Carbajal, Addison Gibbs, Ruby Pedroza, Jared Milrad, and Daniel Peera


PRESS - “A powerful short film shot on ZEISS CP. 3”

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Written & Directed by Jared Milrad


Driving separately to their cousin's wedding, two married couples have similar arguments that unearth universal truths about love, forgiveness, and commitment.

Starring Jared Milrad, Nathan Johnson, Kiana Madani, and Geoffrey Hymers.

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Written & Directed by Jared Milrad

After barricading themselves inside a house, three friends - Sara (Kiana Madani), Aaron (Jared Milrad), and Damon (Uche Uba) - must decide whether and how to reenter a world they fear has changed forever.

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Office Party

Written by Jared Milrad | Directed by Lisa Nicole Lennox

OFFICE PARTY tells the story of Tom (Josh Trant) and Jack (Jared Milrad), two co-workers tired of the same old corporate routine. Today is the day when they shake things up.

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Hurry Up and Wait

Written by Jared MIlrad | Directed by Sarah Franke

Based on true stories, Hurry Up & Wait examines the intersecting lives of 8 diverse and driven young entrepreneurs trying to make it in Hollywood.

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