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Jared Milrad, Founder and President

A Show For A Change, Inc.



Los Angeles, CA - March 12, 2019 – In front of a star-studded audience on March 7th, A Show For A Change, an impact driven digital media startup company, previewed its new streaming service for social impact, Movikarma. A unique premium streaming service, Movikarma will transform entertainment into action, empowering audiences to support charities and content creators connected to the films and series they watch. Movikarma partners with leading influencers, non-profits, and brands to tell powerful, socially conscious stories. This increases engagement, donations, and awareness. Users can pre-register now at movikarma.com to receive a free 30 day trial. Impact driven filmmakers can also submit their projects for potential inclusion on Movikarma. The service will begin streaming later this year.

Photos from the event are available for press here and here.

Following an exclusive VIP reception and red carpet arrivals, Kiana Madani (star of THE PIRATES OF SOMALIA, opposite Al Pacino and Evan Peters) hosted the evening. Speakers included Emmy-winning producer and bestselling author Brian Johnson (who has worked alongside Ariana Grande, John Legend, Will Smith, and many others) and award-winning athletes Jeremy Poincenot and Megan Blunk, who spoke on behalf of the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Jared Milrad, the founder and president of A Show For A Change, gave audiences an exclusive preview of the Movikarma platform.

“This is the beginning of an incredible journey, and I’m thrilled that so many Hollywood leaders are supporting Movikarma,” said Jared Milrad, founder and president of A Show For A Change. “Movikarma is poised to transform entertainment into action and change lives in the process.”

The well-attended event took place at WeWork, which hosted the evening.

Attendees included Oscar-nominated director Bryan Buckley (THE PIRATES OF SOMALIA, ASSAD), two-time NAACP nominee Angell Conwell (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, ROSEWOOD), award-winning actor/producer Said Faraj (GREEN ZONE, NCIS: NEW ORLEANS), influencer Sam Greisman (son of actor Sally Field), Levenbirds (rising pop-rock band in Los Angeles), influencer Dasha German, award-winning actor/producer Kash Hovey, influencer Jean Nasser, actor Eric Scanlan (HAWAII FIVE-O), BMG Artist Carly Robyn Green, and award-winning actor/director Kathy Kolla (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT). Guests also enjoyed an exclusive preview of new documentaries about challenged athletes from filmmakers Chip Hiden, Alexis Irvin, and Lynn Millspaugh.

“It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of the launch of Movikarma,” said Brian Johnson. “Jared Milrad has brought together a top notch team to bring his intelligent and compassionate platform to life. I’m a huge fan already and I am excited to see what Movikarma does in the next few months.”

“Attending the launch of Movikarma was more than I could have hoped for,” said Megan Blunk, an ambassador for the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) and a two-time Paralympian and gold medalist in wheelchair basketball. “I believe that with this new platform, the potential for positive social change is limitless and CAF is proud to be a part of it.”

“Movikarma is a fantastic platform for artists, filmmakers, and storytellers, like myself, to reach audiences in a meaningful way,” said BMG Artist Carly Robyn Green. “We all want to effectuate change in the world through our art, and now there's a way we can share important work while giving back to charities we value."

“We live in times when socially conscious content is more important than ever,” said Kathy Kolla, filmmaker and actress, who was in attendance at the Movikarma launch event. “Any platform that seeks to promote and distribute content to effect positive change is something to be applauded, and Movikarma certainly has the potential to push content in an even more impactful direction.”

“As an actor and producer, I’m fascinated by new platforms to launch content,” said actor Kash Hovey. “I’m very inspired by what Jared Milrad has done with Movikarma in creating a new streaming service that focuses on films with an impact and allows the audience to directly be involved in causes.”

“The Movikarma platform is just what the nonprofit sector needs: innovation in storytelling and a way to connect with donors in real time,” said Nekeda Newell Hall, VP of Strategic Partnerships for Shoes That Fit and an attendee at the event. “Shoes That Fit believes that this kind of actionable, content-driven service could help us provide more new shoes for kids in need.”

"I really enjoyed representing the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) at the launch of Movikarma,” said Jeremy Poincenot, one of the world’s leading blind golfers and a featured speaker at the launch event. “Movikarma is a great platform to watch socially conscious movies and have the ability to do something to support the cause as a viewer. I hope that this helps raise awareness of and funds for worthy charitable organizations like CAF."

“Having contacts and provided assistance with nonprofit organizations in the Polynesian community, it’s easy to see how Movikarma can benefit these and many other worthwhile causes,” said actor Eric Scanlan.

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Founded in 2016 by Jared Milrad, A Show For A Change is an impact driven digital media startup company that changes the world through the power of story. Through its groundbreaking premium streaming service for social impact, Movikarma, and a global film festival that celebrates socially conscious films, A Show For A Change, transforms entertainment into action.

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