April 2019 Film Festival Award Winners


Jared Milrad, Founder and President

A Show For A Change, Inc.




Long Beach, CA - May 19, 2019A Show For A Change today announced several winners for its monthly global film festival, celebrating social impact films from around the world. The awarded films include projects from around the world and were created by numerous celebrated filmmakers.

“As we prepare to launch our new streaming platform for social impact, Movikarma, we’re proud to recognize these powerful films that advance the social causes of our time,” said Jared Milrad, founder and president of A Show For A Change. “Our festival continues to attract a strong diversity of socially conscious films from around the world. This month’s awarded films address timely causes, including immigrants and refugees, climate change, civil rights, and child welfare.”

This month’s winners include:

  • Creativity Awards:

    • SCENES FROM A MIGRANTHOOD. Directed by Roozbeh Behtaji, Jovid Eisai. A Swede and a young Afghan refugee confront their differences through art and poetry. Cause: Immigrants and Refugees. Watch the trailer here.

    • BEYOND US. Directed by Maxime Tiberghien. An exploration of the Earth’s circumstances after humanity disappears. Cause: Climate Change.

  • Storytelling Award:

    • NOT AS TOUGH AS YOU THINK. Directed by Ade Richardson. A teenage boy’s tragic mistake unearths powerful truths about strength and masculinity. Causes: Gun Violence, Civil Rights. Watch the trailer here.

  • Cinematography Award:

    • SAFE HAVEN. Directed by Edson Da Conceicao and Timo Ottevanger. Two innocent orphans, Maiky and Alice, are trying to survive in a world overrun by war. It seems they will never be able to escape the war but still they hold on to hope. Cause: Child Welfare. Watch the trailer here.

  • Social Impact Award:

    • THIS AIN’T YOUR MOTHER’S THEATER COMPANY. Directed by Bruce Schmiechen.  An ensemble of women working together across colors, ages and backgrounds find power in telling their raw truths - to themselves, to each other and to the world. Causes: Women’s Rights, Reproductive Rights.

"As the writer and producer of Not As Tough As You Think, I am deeply honored that A Show For A Change FF, has given us this Storytelling Award,” said Ian Wilson. “I hope the message in our film effectively communicates the pain and destruction that can result from poor decision making. I hope it raises the consciousness for the need for peaceful resolution of our conflicts."

"As filmmakers we have the chance to change perspectives of the audience. Given this chance we want to use this power in a responsible way, to 'ultimately' improve lives,” said Jesse van der Pluijm, producer of Safe Haven. “We’re thankful that A Show For A Change awarded us with the Cinematography Award. This gives us motivation to keep creating.”

“It's wonderful to see a socially conscious media platform being developed to help connect films for social change to their audiences and it is an honor to have ‘This Ain't Your Mother's Theater Company!’ selected for the Social Impact Award,” said director Bruce Schmiechen. “I look forward to further collaboration.”

Founded by Jared Milrad - a filmmaker, advocate, and entrepreneur who has worked for President Barack Obama and advocated for numerous social causes - A Show For A Change Film Festival raises up our planet's most compelling stories and inspiring voices. The film festival’s goal is to build a world filled with greater empathy and shared prosperity.

A Show For A Change invites filmmakers who share a passion for changing the world through the power of storytelling to submit to our monthly film festival. We seek diverse, engaging stories that address societal, environmental, and cultural issues. To apply for our next film festival, filmmakers can submit their projects by May 30, 2019 using this link: https://filmfreeway.com/ashowforachange

About A Show For A Change Film Festival

With 220+ global submissions, A Show For A Change has awarded some of the most creative, groundbreaking, and inspiring stories highlighting social issues since launching its monthly festival in December 2017. The company’s mission is to celebrate socially impactful films through the art of storytelling and advocate for enduring social change. It embraces films that challenge the status quo and stand up for urgent causes like human rights, animal rights, and the environment.

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