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Jared Milrad, Founder and President

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Los Angeles, CA – October 9, 2019A Show For A Change today announced several winners for its monthly global film festival, celebrating social impact films from around the world. The awarded films include projects from around the world and were created by numerous celebrated filmmakers.

“As we prepare to launch our new streaming platform for social impact, Movikarma, we’re proud to recognize these powerful films that advance the social causes of our time,” said Jared Milrad, founder and president of A Show For A Change. “Our festival continues to attract a strong diversity of socially conscious films from around the world. This month’s awarded films address timely causes, including violence, immigration, and diversity & inclusion.”

This month’s winners include:

●      Social Impact Award: Ending Violence. Directed by Rose Archer. As the world grapples with a growing sense of unease, and the urgent need for mindset change, three-year-olds Martin and Anele are learning a new subject of kindness and empathy - skills that most adults have not mastered - in a world that values competitiveness over kindness. Ending Violence is an impact film that will expand our audience’s view of what education can achieve in the world. Watch the trailer here.

●      Creativity Award: The Last Rodriguez. Directed by Tania Luna. Meet Ben Rodriguez. He's almost 40. He lives at home. And his mom thinks it's time for him to find true love so he can get married, so he can have kids, so he does not become... The Last Rodriguez. It's never too late for a coming of age story. Watch the trailer here.

●      Storytelling Award: Los Otros. Directed by Monica Pendergrass & Eric Baldetti. Hundreds of thousands of undocumented Americans are deported from the United States to "their country of origin" every year. What happens to these "non-citizens" after they return to a country they barely know? The short documentary Los Otros profiles three such undocumented individuals as they rebuild their lives in Mexico City. Separated from family and starting all over with nothing, they attempt to forge new lives in the shadow of a broken immigration system and a country not prepared for their return. Watch the trailer here.

●      Cinematography Award: Passage. Directed by Quentin Persia. Tom, a 25-year-old man, is on a train station platform. Standing next to the edge, he is considering jumping as a train pulls in. At the last moment, he is caught by an old man named Jacques, who invites him to spend the day with him. Being near an overgrown childlike Jacques will make Tom's like worth living again. It may even give it a new meaning...Watch the trailer here.

Ending Violence explores the work being done by teachers, children and activists to build a more peaceful future. This award will help us to shine a light on the fact that even the most difficult problems -such as systemic Violence and discrimination- have solutions that we collectively can be part of.” Sandani Wijetunge

“The challenges deportees face when trying to build a life in a country they don’t necessarily know are often devastating. And witnessing the dignity of many of them to overcome their situation can be empowering. We hope our film Los Otros helps focus attention on an often ignored aspect of our broken immigration system - the aftermath of deportation - and helps people rethink ways that they can help. Receiving the Storytelling Award from A Show for a Change means a great deal to us as filmmakers because it recognizes and reinforces something we believe at our core - that the stories of those forgotten or ignored are often the most powerful and capable of motivating change.” Monica Pendergrass & Eric Baldetti

"This award means so much to us. Our goal with The Last Rodriguez was to shine a light on tough issues with comedy as our spotlight. We hope as people laugh their way through Ben's journey, they get to learn along with him.” Tania & Brian Luna

Passage is a film about hope, this award is a symbol of hope for us!” Quentin Persia

Founded by Jared Milrad - a filmmaker, advocate, and entrepreneur who has worked for President Barack Obama and advocated for numerous social causes - A Show For A Change Film Festival raises up our planet's most compelling stories and inspiring voices. The film festival’s goal is to build a world filled with greater empathy and shared prosperity.

A Show For A Change invites filmmakers who share a passion for changing the world through the power of storytelling to submit to our monthly film festival. We seek diverse, engaging stories that address societal, environmental, and cultural issues. To apply for our next film festival, filmmakers can submit their projects by October 30, 2019 using this link:


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With 300+ global submissions from 27+ countries, A Show For A Change has awarded some of the most creative, groundbreaking, and inspiring stories highlighting social issues since launching its monthly festival in December 2017. The company’s mission is to celebrate socially impactful films through the art of storytelling and advocate for enduring social change. It embraces films that challenge the status quo and stand up for urgent causes like human rights, animal rights, and the environment.

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