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Movikarma is a new impact streaming platform that features engaging, socially conscious narrative content - including films and series - and provides opportunities to support the causes closest to your heart. We partner with influencers, charities, and brands to increase their impact through the power of story - and put change at your fingertips.

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By supporting causes connected to the movies they watch, Movikarma empowers a global community to change the world through the power of story. Learn more below!

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Our platform includes conscious content of all genres - and diverse causes such as human rights, the environment, animal rights, and much more.

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We’re redefining what it means to be entertained - giving you the power to support influencers’ charities and causes closest to your heart. You can even support content creators - our filmmakers - to elevate stories that move and inspire you.


We’re proud to have a growing collection of socially conscious, award-winning films on Movikarma, including Oscar-nominated and Oscar-eligible projects.

Below are just a few of our impactful films:

ASAD, directed by Brian Buckley, is an Oscar-nominated short film that tells the story of a Somali boy who tries his hand at fishing and lands an impressive catch. (Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Short Film, Live Action)

Cause: Immigrants and Refugees

UNO, directed by Javier Marco, is an award-winning film about a man who discovers a cell phone floating far out at sea. (International Grand Prix Winner, Brussels Short Film Festival)

Cause: Immigrants and Refugees

MISS SUENO, directed by Radu Potcoava, is about Roxana, who's leaving Romania and settle down in Madrid, Spain. Helped by Dan and his wife, Alina, she will soon find a job there and start a new life. (Festival Corner, The Cannes Film Festival)

Cause: Women’s Rights

LOSS AND FOUND, directed by Jon Mancinetti, about a young man who is devastated after losing his best friend, his dog Russell. Eventually he finds purpose in his life through saving the lives of more rescue dogs. (Winner, Audience Choice Award, Huntington Beach Film Festival)

Cause: Animal Welfare

KAP, directed by David M. Weiss, tells the story of modern day slavery in Haiti.

Cause: Equality & Justice

REPICORE: Research in Melanesia and PHYSIOSHARK, directed by Tom Vierus, addresses the effects of climate change-related stressors on the coral reef ecosystems as well as the respective communities that depend on them. (Official Selection, DEEPWAVE Film Festival, Ocean City Film Festival, and Raw Science Film Festival)

Cause: Environment

WILLOW: 7 WEEKS IN AQUARIUS, directed by Erin Parks, takes us inside the challenges and politics of animal disaster rescue, and inside the glorious mind who spent nearly two months rescuing pets and farm animals in the face of British Columbia's worst ever natural disaster.

Cause: Animal Welfare

REFLECT: A RAY OF HOPE, directed by David Martin, documents an audacious mirrored art event on the USA / Mexico border, staged in January 2018 by two British artists, to promote peace, tolerance, and unity. (Official Selections, Chandler Film Festival and Beeston Film Festival)

Causes: Immigrants and Refugees, Diversity and Inclusion

CLASSMATE, directed by Javier Marco, is about a man and a woman who meet on a bus. She's an engineer and she's married. He's homeless.

Cause: Poverty

ONE, directed by Roman Sinitsyn, tells the story of a lonely man who travels miles to pay his respects to a best friend.

Cause: Health & Wellness

FILAMU, directed by Maud Clavier, is about two African-Americans who are asked to share their views on Africa (Winner, Arthouse Asia and Women's Film Festival, Finalist at Orion International Film Festival and Lift Off Documentary Filmmaker, Official Selection at FIVARS and VR Days)

Cause: Diversity and Inclusion

LEAVING KANSAS, directed by David M. Weiss, is about a teacher stricken with cancer who enlists the help of a former student to obtain medical marijuana to ease the devastating effects of her treatment. (Semi-Finalist, Best Short Fest; Official Selection, Omaha Film Festival and Sioux Empire Film Festival)

Cause: Health and Wellness

CASITAS, directed by Javier Marco, tells the story of Carlos and Marta, both 35 years old, who are living the life they’ve always dreamed of…a house with a yard, a dog, and they’re even about to have a child…but there’s no such thing as a perfect life. (Winner of more than 80 awards, including Best Comedy Award, Audience Award, New York Short Film Festival).

Cause: Equality & Justice